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Our Role

We empower people with far reaching solutions to information management problems.

We go to great lengths to understand a customers business and establish an excellent understanding of their needs before we decide how best to achieve them.

We use the best most appropriate technology to deliver clear measureable benefits.

Our customers tell us that our software:

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Human factors in software development.

We have nearly two decades of experience of writing computer software, and though there are still challenges for us, the biggest challenge is not with computer technology.

A systems analyst has the difficult task of putting himself in someone elses shoes, finding out what they do, and why. He must develop an excellent understanding of their business and their business needs. This takes time, skill, patience and persistence. It requires excellent communication skills, and a willingness to ask difficult questions.

The consequence is that the analyst is - prior to software development - able to determine what must be delivered. This may not have been fully indicated by interviews and communications with the customer.

The analyst is then able to fully and correctly inform the development team what purpose the software must serve and ensure its success.



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