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Job Planning and Tracking

JobVision has a sophisticated job planning and tracking system. All aspects of job management are covered:

  1. Estimates/Quotations for jobs can be quickly calculated using the system, and professional looking documents printed
  2. Once the job is given the go - ahead, the estimate produced above becomes the job plan for the job. In the example above, a new boiler is being fitted.
  3. Once the job is complete, the estimate becomes an invoice. At the press of a button, the invoice can be printed, folded into a windowed envelope, then posted to the customer. Invoicing can often be completed in well under five minutes.
  4. The date the invoice was sent is recorded, and this is recorded on the system as unpaid
  5. If the customer fails to pay the invoice within an acceptable time period, then as statement can easily be printed reminding them of their responsibilities.