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Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Why bother with a web site?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of making a website more visible to search engines and therefore users who inevitably use them. It is an unfortunate fact that most web sites are invisible to the very customers at whom they are aimed. How can this be?

New potential customers - unless your business is a household name - will not know what services and products you are offering, and indeed may not know you exist. They will not use Google to search for your company by name, but will search for the product or service they need. When we design your website however we make sure this is clearly evident from the content of your site. This is one facet of web marketing that we call search engine optimisation.

The implications of this SEO process is that users of the Google search engine can readily find your business on the first page of Google listings when they are looking for the goods and services you provide. We believe that without SEO, the value of a website is brought into question. After all, who wants a website that cannot be found? A search engine optimised website is the web equivalent to having a shop in Oxford street, as apposed to a quiet cul-de-sac in a sleepy rural backwater.

Search engine optimisation or SEO works in two ways.

We focus on the latter approach for various reasons.

The sponsored links approach does not always perform in the way our customers expect. Ask someone who has used sponsored links for their opinion of the system.

The alternative approach to SEO and the approach we prefer, is to present our customers business on the website in a comprehensive and detailed manner, and let the Google search engine find the site, investigate it, and find this detailed information for itself ready to pass on to a potential customer.

At Meadowlark we have been optimising web sites for search engines for eight years, and it is a popular service amongst our customers. When we produce a website, we always offer search engine optimisation (SEO) as an optional extra, and it is worth the additional expense, whereas a website on its own may not.

Examples of Search engine optimisation (SEO)

If you type "Extension Wear Plates" into Google, you will find that occupies several locations on Googles first page of listings.

Likewise if you type "partnered dance" into Google, is at #1 or #2.

We have never failed to place our customers at the top of UK search engine listings.

Have you ever thought how it might feel to be #1 in Google?

Where is web technology going next?

1. Smaller faster, cheaper, lighter computers that are permanently connected to the web.

The mobile phone is rapidly filling this role, and is hampered only by the size of the screen.

2. Websites that are tuned to cope with users that only access the site via a mobile phone

2. Autonomous agents that we create on our computers that exist as examples of artificial life, with artificial intelligence that tireless search the web for our next job, bargain or life partner.