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What challenges are there to mankind from Information Technology?

Humans and machines are profoundly different, but they are thrown closer and closer as we approach the singularity: that point in human development when humans and machines overlap and merge through human augmentation, and man-machine interfaces.

As a trivial example of this, how attached are you to your mobile phone? If you lost either your mobile or your wallet, which would be the most troublesome?

Though it is not like losing a limb we are profoundly dependent upon our mobile phones and this trend will only develop.

Mobile phones and the changes that their ilk of technology will herald, are the beginning of the largest change in human development in our species history.

Our mobile phones, or whatever we call them over the next millenia, will monitor us every second of the day, inform us what we should eat, when we need a checkup, what to avoid, and record our every action. If this sounds like Orwell's Big Brother concept, then it needn't. There are countless advantages to the state of surveillance.

What if surveillance meant that you would live longer, be less stressed, have less waste, closer connections to your friends and family, or a better less impoverished life?

Of course on the other side of the coin this surveillance data may be used against you to steal your money, your identify and wellbeing. But the technology we talk about is not evil or benign, but it could be either, dependent upon who is wielding it. If we have an effective and benevolent regulator to ensure no abuses occur, then our prospects are excellent.