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Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Why bother with a web site? Many businesses still do not.

Perhaps you want to showcase your work without the expense of a printed presentation, or you want your customers to be able to track their orders. It is more likely however that you want your business to increase its exposure in what is perhaps a highly competitive market. In which case, a website may be the solution, or is it?

Just having a site does not mean it is easily found by web users who you might want as customers. Potential customers may be more readily drawn to the websites of your competitors. It all depends upon how the various search engines view your site and therefore how they rank it, or in other words, how near the top of search engine listings your site appears. So how do you make your site search-engine-friendly?

The quick answer to this question is that you need to provide web content that engages the user and convinces them that you have something that they want.

At Meadowlark we have been optimising web sites for search engines for many years, and it is a popular service amongst our customers. When we produce a website, we always offer search engine optimisation (SEO) as an optional extra, and it is worth the additional expense, whereas a website on its own may not. Nearly all our customers want search engine optimisation.

Examples of Search engine optimisation (SEO)

If you type "lotus approach development" into Google, you will find that features on the first page of Google listings.

Likewise if you type "partnered dance" into Google, is on the first page.

Have you ever thought how it might feel to be #1 in Google?

What you can expect from I.T. in the future?

Presenting your companies goods or services to a suitable market has been the objective of businesses since markets were first identified. It is essential for a businesses survival. The emergence of the web as a formidable marketing tool has brought this market exposure into the hands of anyone with even a modest budget.

A web site that is carefully search engine optimised can draw new customers to your site and therefore your business from all over the world, or just your nearby postcode.

Niche products are especially easy to market on the web using search engine optimisation. As a result, even sole traders with the most modest of marketing budgets can compete on even footing with multinational companies who offer something similar. Such is the equality of the web. And so it should be. If you make something that is world class, your prospects for making a decent wage from your expertise should not be diminished by less talented players with bigger wallets.