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Meadowlark technology

In Meadowlark technology's twenty year history we have sought to provide user-friendly computer software and computer technology for businesses and private individuals in the Sheffield area.

Our approach to Information Technology Issues

  1. We listen carefully to customers software requirements, and try to get a feel for their immediate and wider business needs.   
  2. We look at their existing systems; computer based or otherwise and look for vulnerabilities that need addressing.
  3. We suggest IT solutions, but will not sell them a solution until we have fully explained the pros and cons to the customer.
  4. With customer approval we implement the required system, demonstrate it to the customer, and then contact the customer after installation to determine if there are other ways we can facilitate its adoption.

Our customers tell us that our software:

You might not have heard of Meadowlark, unless you are in the engineering sector. Our customers are not always keen to recommend us. On more than one occasion we have been told "Why would we recommend you to our competitors as that would jeopardise our competitive advantage."

What is the role of the systems analyst?

The systems analyst has I believe, the most important role in the software delivery process.

Before a system can be upgraded, replaced, improved or abandoned, it is essential to understand it fully, and this is the part the systems analyst plays.

If and only if the systems analyst takes the time to understand the system he is "modelling", and he is able to pass on that knowledge with certainty to the software designers and programming team, does the project have a hope of succeeding. Leo Brodie in his books "Thinking Forth" and "Starting Forth" calls this model the "conceptual model". It is a high level description of what the software must do and can be written in terms the customer can easily understand.

That is not to say that a software project with a skilled systems analyst is bound to be a success. It is just that any software project is bound to fail if no-one fully grasps its function.

You might be wondering why any software company would embark on a project without a detailed understanding of what is required.

The answer to this question is simple. Greed. There may be considerable pressure on the sales team of a software company to bring in the contract, even if the salesman does not know what it entails, and whether the company for whom he works can provide it.