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Software tools and languages we have used

Software tools and languages we use

Computer technology is in constant flux. New technologies and languages bubble to the surface, some are seized upon and become de-facto standards, others, perhaps with great promise, never gain momentum and fade into obsurity.

At Meadowlark we try to back the winners. There are so many computer languages and tools that it makes sense to invest time adopting the best of the best. Typically we look for certain common themes

We look for tools that are of the highest quality. They must justify themselves not just on technical merit, but on stability, and consistency.

We look for tools that are well supported and documented. Usually this means intelligible and voluminous material on the web, and significantly, printed material. Printed matter means that the I.T. industry thinks the tool is established

We look for tools that have high intrinsic value. We ask ourselves, does this technology offer something that others do not not.