Meadowlark: Flash/Javascript Based Web Application Development in Sheffield

Flash/Javascript Based Web Applications Developed in Sheffield

Meadowlark have twelve years of experience of writing web applications. These are of various types.

We use the most appropriate technology for the project. If the site has content that changes constantly we use a database as the store of the information and provide an efficient means of updating and editing this from a web form.

If the information changes often we may use XML.

If the site requires animation or a cutting edge user interface (this cannot be achieved with HTML alone) we may use Macromedia Flash and Actionscript, or perhaps HTML5.

If the number of concurrent users of the site is large and the data changes frequently, we may adopt an SQL database tuned for speed. If however there are few users we may adopt something less taxing of the hardware.

Web development tools, languages and technology we regularly use:

What you can expect from computer hardware in the future?

Computers, either our own or otherwise will play a more active role in our lives, telling us where to go, what to do, and how to do it. They will become our own personal oracles that will help inform every decision we make in our complex world.

They will monitor our health, our decisions and safety. Some would call this surveillance, others would call it safeguarding. They will be of immense benefit to individuals who grasp this technology, but there will be some unscrupulous organisations who will exploit that information maliciously.

As such there will be a growth in specialist organisations that "watch the watchmen". They will enforce standards on the new surveilled world, and even monitor network traffic of individuals to ensure that it is not being mis-used