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Web site design

Over the last five years the nature of our work has changed as a consequence of the growth and ubiquity of the world wide web (WWW).

The web (or internet) has become the place to find businesses, the place to be found, and the place to conduct business. And with its exponential growth, there has been a corresponding decline in the use of conventional business tools.

Potential customers increasingly resort to the web first when searching for a supplier in preference to the yellow pages or telephone directory.

Businesses seek to search engine optimise (SEO) their sites to maximise their exposure on the web.

Traditional trading patterns have been overturned and replaced by trading directly on the web. This has often resulted in the elimination of the middleman, and price cuts for the customer.

Our approach to web design

We see the web as a fantastic opportunity for businesses of all sizes, and we do not lose sight of this essential purpose in our web designs.

The role of a web site

A web site must:

Web tools languages and technology we regularly use:

What you can expect from the web in the future?

The web will play a bigger and bigger role in our lives, as the software developers of the world will seize the medium and bit by bit shape and deliver the software that the world wants driven by international markets. The change will come about hand in hand with the adoption of smart phones.

The latter will bring web technology to billions of people in the form of mass produced software, and it will be cheap because of the economies of scale.