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The C programming language

C is a compiled middle level programming language, that despite its quirks, has been pressed into service in delivering the broadest range of applications, from operating systems to gui applications, and embedded controllers. Despite being a small language with a limited number of reserved words, it is hard to master for various reasons. A forth programmer once claimed it was like a cut throat razor with a sharp edge on both sides of the blade. At meadowlark, we resort to the c programming language when it is the most appropriate choice, and that is not often. the reasons it can prove so hard to master are as follows:

The advantages of the C programming language

The disadvantages of the C programming language

What you can expect from computer hardware in the future?

The really tough problems in computing are hard to address with conventional computer technology. There are some algorithms that just do not work well with a the computing tools we have. Any algorithm that needs to iterate over very large data sets, or large numbers of permutations may well be too slow to generate useful results in a reasonable time. Quantum computers may address these tricky computational problems.

Quantum computers abandon the binary yes/no state of storage in favour of storage with multiple states. As such complex problems can be addressed that are beyond the reasonable reach of conventional computer architecture. These quantum devices may only ever be for scientific applications, but they may provide answers to some of our most difficult questions.