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Responsive websites / Mobile websites

Are you targeting all the audience?

A vast proportion of web traffic comes now, not from desktops, laptops, or even tablets, but from our ubiquitous mobile phones, and this is something that all web site owners and web designers need to take into account for at least two reasons.

This has led to the growth of sites that are mobile friendly. They require less scrolling, less zooming, and are generally easier to use on a mobile device.

Responsive websites work in various ways

All responsive websites are not created equal

An example of a responsive web site

The used machine tools website at shows an example of a responsive site. What makes it interesting is that it has fluid content and menuing, that is different at each screen resolution to which it responds. Try reducing the size of the browser and watch as the menuing system and contents adapts.

Where is web technology going next?

The future role of the mobile phone cannot be overestimated

The mobile phone is rapidly filling every computing role, and is hampered only by the size of the screen. As such any technology or development that overcomes issues with screen size will attract resource and investment. If a mobile phone's graphic display can be sent directly to the retina of the phones user, the power of the phone and all its applications will be substantially enhanced.

Autonomous agents are a fascinating development in computing

These agents (or daemons as they are sometimes called) Are created on our computers and exist as simple examples of artificial life. They might tirelessly search the web for our next job, bargain, or life partner.